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Best Apps for Nursing Students can be found in this article.  Imagine how hard it would be carrying all your textbooks to group study sessions. In today’s world, mobile applications or apps help nursing students study for NCLEX exams and offer solutions during clinical practicals. The following 12 apps for nursing students will make your life easier in school.


NCLEX Exam Apps

1. NCLEX PN Mastery

Based on its name, this app provides nursing students with thousands of practice questions sourced from previous NCLEX exams. It also has simplified terminologies that make studying on the go quite convenient. In addition, it’s a great tool for personal study sessions because it helps you track your progress while preparing for the exam.

2. HabitBull

Repetition is the father of learning and that’s why students study their class notes every day. HabitBull enables students to stay on track thanks to its daily reminders for study sessions. It also has fitness goals to enable students to keep the mind and body healthy. Nursing students can also upload their progress online and even meet with community members through the HabitBull forum.

3. Med Mnemonics

The lengthy scientific and Latin terms encountered in nursing school aren’t easy to memorize in just one class. Med Mnemonics helps students have a better understanding by transforming medical jargon into simplified acronyms and rhymes. This app complements NCLEX RN Mastery because students have an easier time answering practice questions based on their ability to remember mnemonics.

4. NCLEX Flashcards

NCLEX Flashcards App is a tool that enables students to recall information from recent study sessions. Flashcards also work as a powerful memory aid because bright colors help the brain make a strong association with information. It’s also a great tool for students on the move while preparing for semester exams.

5. MDCalc

This app is so crucial that even experienced doctors and nurses rely on it frequently. It especially comes in handy during clinical practicals for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). Downloading this app will help you a lot in Pharmacology course units.

Best Apps for Nursing Students for Receiving News in The Medical Industry

1. Medscape

Medscape relies on a team of active journalists in different medical fields to provide information to medical professionals. It’s a reliable source of information on emerging issues such as the advancement of technology and its impact on medicine. Doctors and nurses can also get daily updates on global pandemics and how it’s changed the medical insurance industry.

2. MedPage Today

MedPage offers current and breaking news in specialties ranging from allergies to psychiatry. In addition, this app helps nursing students and other medical professionals find jobs. You can also get information from MedPage Today by watching the hundreds of podcasts where medical experts discuss current issues in the industry.

3. Docphin

Docphin exists to update professionals on the latest medical research reports and projects happening globally. This makes it rank highly because you get all the information under one roof and a vibrant online community of close to 100,000 physicians.

4. QxMD Read

QXMD Read is ideal for both students and professionals because it provides unlimited access to medical journals and content available in PubMed. In addition, medical professionals using this app also get access to ebooks and exclusive articles from renowned physicians.

Apps Commonly Used During Clinical Practice

1. Google Maps

This app is crucial when you get posted for clinical practice in an unfamiliar city. Google Maps helps nursing students locate their designated hospitals or medical facilities. It also comes in handy when trying to locate social amenities such as accommodation or restaurants within the vicinity.

2. RideShare Apps

Rideshare apps help people get to work or important appointments on time. These apps also help students save money because using rideshare minimizes expenses incurred on personal vehicles. There’s more room to lower your expenses further by ensuring you always travel with friends to make cost-sharing easier.

Make Your Life Easier by Downloading These Apps

NCLEX exam apps help thousands of students excel in their academics by condensing and simplifying information much better than college textbooks. These apps also help you stay on track by providing daily reminders for study sessions and monitoring your progress. In terms of cost, the annual subscription fee is approximately $100 which is quite affordable.

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