why is nclex pn so hardFailing the NCLEX exam makes students who didn’t make the cut undermine their abilities to provide medical care. Students spend close to four months studying intensely however statistics indicate that approximately two out ten exam candidates fail this crucial exam. The NCLEX board, fortunately, offers exam retakes rather than forcing students to repeat LPN or RN courses.

A nursing student who fails the first retake can still apply for two additional attempts. Most students usually get it right on the first retake however those who still don’t pass the exam might have to repeat classes.

Is Nursing School Hard?

Truth is, nursing programs consist of college math and advanced course units in Biology and Chemistry. These course units are quite demanding because professors assume that you remember everything you learned in high school. It’s tough to keep with new concepts especially in Mathematics when the student barely has time to refresh their memory on crucial topics.

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Students who enroll directly for a B.Sc degree in Nursing straight from high school usually find nursing school overwhelming. That’s why career advisors recommend LPN courses because they only take 12 months to complete and provide students with the best preparation for medical school.


Students also struggle with nursing school due to reasons such as;

Accelerated Nursing Programs Can Get Stressful

An accelerated program is a course where students learn and graduate in half the time a degree course usually takes. The biggest advantage to enrolling in an accelerated program is enjoying a quick return on investment because it’s easier to get hired compared to a student who will graduate from nursing school after two years.


Students who join accelerated nursing programs sometimes get overwhelmed with assignments because they spend almost six days per week in school. It takes some time to learn how to multitask and work with study groups.

Challenges Associated With Part-Time Learning Students

Nursing schools offer part-time programs for students who don’t have the privilege of taking time off work for academic pursuits. Nursing students can either show up to school for evening classes or sign up for online programs. Part-time programs tend to take longer because students move at half the pace covered by full-time students.


A full-time student spends day and night in school and this situation creates enough time to complete daily assignments and discuss complex units with study group members. Part-time students sometimes forget to prepare for the next day’s classes because there might be urgent events taking place in the workplace.


Can I Pass Nclex Without Studying?

Here are three common mistakes you should avoid when studying and preparing for the NCLEX exam.

1. Ignoring The Importance of Study Group Sessions

It’s easy to assume that one is making significant progress based on the amount of content covered in daily or weekly personal study sessions. However, it’s easy to make mistakes without noticing because there’s no one to point them out. That’s why studying in a group becomes more effective because the members can help point out your blind spots.

2. Failing to Analyze NCLEX Test Questions from Previous Years

Students who ignore study guides containing NCLEX questions end up struggling because of poor preparation. The test questions have a different format than what professors use when administering continuous assessments or end-of-semester exams. Also, a student has to learn how to answer questions under pressure because the NCLEX exam has a strict timer.

3. Taking The NCLEX Exam Amid Distractions

It’s impossible to earn certification and get hired as a nurse when a student fails the NCLEX exam. This is why students shut out any form of distractions for three months to create ample time for studying.


On the other hand, a few students think it’s easy to multitask exam preparation with other events happening at work. This is a dangerous move because one realizes the mistake when there’s hardly any room for improvements.

The NCLEX Exam Isn’t Difficult

Students who pass the NCLEX exam on the first take usually focus on two things. Attending each class enables students to move at the same pace as the professor. The second way students prepare is by having frequent personal and group study sessions to help them retain information and access the right study guides.

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