can nurse be self employed?

Approximately 30 states allow nurses to offer medical services in privately owned clinics without the supervision of doctors. California recently passed Assembly Bill 890, a legislative bill that allows Registered Nurses (RNs) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRNs) to practice independently after three years of supervision. Is self-employment the best option for nurses?

Reasons That Motivate Nurses Be Self Employed

1. High Demand for Medical Professionals in Low-Income Communities

Doctors usually shy away from low-income communities due to the lack of hefty salary packages available in top cadre hospitals and specialties. This is why most community clinics and hospitals have a large ratio of nurses to physicians to fill the gap in demand.

APRNs and doctors perform similar roles such as administering kidney dialysis, IV medication, and wound care. Nurses feel motivated to open private practices to provide these basic medical services conveniently rather than patients having to drive several miles to access a hospital.

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2. Rising Demand for Home Care Services Since The Emergence of COVID19

In November 2019, a new airborne virus called COVID19 emerged and caused global panic because infected people die within 48 hours due to serious inflammation in the throat and lungs. Medical experts globally agree that the new virus is manageable through imposing cessation of movement and avoiding physical contact with people.

The cessation of movement in some cities means that patients have a hard time getting to the hospital for appointments. The silver lining for APRNs and RNs is the new spike in demand for home care services.

3. Addressing Specific Medical Needs in a Community

It’s no secret that drug abuse is so rampant in certain cities that local governments have turned to private entities for help. A 2019 Report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that more than 70,000 people succumbed to drug overdoses. However, some of these deaths occurred because victims had to cover huge distances to access hospitals.

The effects of drug abuse on communities push some APRNs to open rehabilitation clinics. These private practices have a great impact on society because they offer medical and legal assistance to children born in unstable families.

How to Open a Private Practice

1. Determine The Size of Your Target Market

The key to running a consistent business is having the ability to identify potential customers before launching new products or services. One way of doing this is by visiting private practices within a neighborhood or town and paying attention to the foot traffic.

A keyword is a word or phrase people type into search engines such as Google to obtain specific information. Google has a premium analytics tool that enables business owners to assess keywords that competitors use to attract customers.

2. Hire an Attorney to Explain State Laws That Govern Private Practice

One of the biggest threats a private practice can face is a medical malpractice lawsuit. The consequences range from permanent license revocation to severe financial loss when plaintiffs receive sizable compensations. The negative publicity that comes with malpractice lawsuits also causes financial loss because it discourages potential clients from visiting a medical facility.

3. Select a Highly Accessible Location to Maximize Foot Traffic

Fast food eateries and coffee shops usually occupy the most conspicuous streets to enhance visibility. Adopting this strategy when opening a private practice boosts foot traffic because it’s easy for potential customers to drive or walk into your clinic and book an appointment. It’s also easier to get referrals from clients when your business is located on a prominent street or building.

4. Assemble a Reliable Team of Employees

The daily operations of a private practice require a team consisting of medical and non-medical staff. You’ll need an accountant to keep track of finances and a medical assistant to record patient information. This task might require hiring a professional recruiter to help you get the best employees for your business.

Are You Ready to Start Your Practice?

Starting a private practice is rewarding especially in communities that are in dire need of medical services. Independence also builds up confidence and the diversity of patients also enhances a nurse’s experience.

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