LPN to RN Programs in CT – What do you need to know?

RNs in CT earn 45-90% more than LPNs and this is a huge motivation for career development. The average course duration is two years however students who need extra time can complete it within four years. Also, RNs can withstand the pressure of a rigorous academic program compared to a freshman enrolled for a nursing degree.

The main requirement for eligibility is an LPN certificate however inactive nurses have to attend a refresher course.

LPN to RN Curriculum

The theory course covers topics such as;

1. Pharmacology

This course enlightens students on a variety of medications and their respective classifications. Students also learn how to identify side effects and reversal procedures. This course enables an accredited RN to execute orders perfectly when implementing doctors’ prescriptions to patients. It also explains why RNs have the authority to administer medication, unlike LPNs.

2. Clinical Leadership

Clinical leadership focuses on the improvement of safety and service delivery on an organizational and individual level. Nurses learn how to apply different problem identification and troubleshooting strategies that arise frequently. This course unit also equips RN for managerial roles in hospitals.

3. Ethics

Nurses need this course as a refresher in regards to ethics and state laws. As a future RN, it’s important to understand the law on patient confidentiality and delegation of duties to avoid lawsuits as a result of a breach of ethics.

4. Physiology

Physiology is the study of chemical processes and biological activity that occurs in an organism from a cellular level. This study helps RNs understand how medication gets absorbed in the bloodstream and fights diseases in the body. It also studies nutrients and vitamins to enable doctors to recommend the best diets for any disease.