Failure to disburse funds could lead to legal action against you.

HIPAA laws were passed by U. The amount of money that LPNs make is typically on the lower end. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize that there are routes to help lessen the financial burden of funeral expenses that can be applied immediately. In fact, some ways can be as easy as applying for federal disability payments.

Another avenue to assist in the payment of a funeral expense when you do not possess the cash on hand to cover it is to seek out allowable benefits from an existing life insurance policy. For instance, if the deceased held a life insurance policy that was active during his or her lifetime, the federal government often pays out a one-time lump sum called a full death benefit to either a surviving spouse or the qualifying child of that individual who has passed away. This is often referred to as “post-death” benefits. Similarly, if a dependent child or spouse does not have life insurance coverage, you may also be eligible to claim these benefits.

How to Pay For Funerals Without Life Insurance

However, applying without life insurance coverage is not recommended because the amount received will be lower than what one would expect, especially if the death benefit is substantial. The government also requires that if a dependent child or spouse does not hold life insurance coverage, they must be insured by another source. Another route to assist in the payment of funeral expenses when you do not have enough money to cover it is to seek out the assistance of a third party. One approach to this option is through credit counseling.

Credit counselors can assist you with establishing a budget that will help you pay for your final expense life insurance and other bills. If you qualify for federal programs that help pay for these types of expenses, you may also qualify for state-funded programs that provide money to pay for funeral expenses. The next step in how to get into an accelerated nursing program in Connecticut is to meet with the accelerated nursing program director. You can also contact non-profit agencies and charitable organizations to help pay for your loved one’s funeral expenses. Oftentimes these organizations will allow you to set up a trust account that will hold the proceeds for your family.

Just be sure that whatever funds are obtained, you quickly disburse them. Failure to disburse funds could lead to legal action against you. Also, it may not be possible to obtain the level of service your loved one deserves. Some families go the route of prepaid funeral plans, which allow the family to pay all or some of the funeral costs through a pre-paid life insurance policy.

In general, prepaid life insurance policies offer only minimal coverage, such as loss of income, out-of-pocket expenses, and funeral costs. While you are performing all of these tasks, you will be paid a decent hourly wage. Of course, it will take you longer to go to school than it would to just get an online degree. During the course, students will learn the clinical basics as well as the study of nursing theory.

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