Online LPN Programs Make Earning Your Diploma a Fast Track Program

To enroll in an LPN program in New York you will need a high school diploma or its equivalent.

On the average, an LPN can make about $17 an hour. Licensed practical nurses (LPN) provide critical patient care in a medical setting. The majority of LPNs begin their careers in nursing, entering the workforce as registered nurses (RNs) and working their way up the ladder until they are promoted to the more challenging role of an LPN. In many states, beginning as an LPN is the beginning to obtain certification, and many LPNs opt to continue their education in an LPN course of study after completing their initial RN experience.

Licensed practical nursing programs (LPN) are intensive and fast-moving. Many of the basic skills required for nursing are taught in the nursing programs. Some of the more common course topics taught in an LPN program include moving patients from beds to wheelchairs, assisting patients with everyday tasks like walking, moving from a chair to a bed, and resting comfortably at home. Students are also taught how to use medical devices and utilize clinical hours in ways that enhance patient health and safety.

Online LPN Programs Make Earning Your Diploma a Fast Track Program

To enroll in an LPN program in New York you will need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Course requirements vary from state to state. Generally, coursework in an LPN course includes biology, medical terminology, chemistry, and anatomy. Students will also learn how to read and recognize a patient’s symptoms, how to record symptoms, how to administer basic first aid procedures, how to perform physical exams, and how to follow physicians’ orders.

Some states require students to pass the NCLEX-PN (practical nurse) examination prior to graduating from an LPN course. Completion of an LPN degree program in New York assures competent functioning in the job settings. An LPN learns how to assess patients’ needs and work within a nursing team to establish a positive and functional relationship with patients and their families. In addition to clinical skills, an LPN also learns things like the proper use of medical equipment and the safe administration of medications. Completion of an LPN program assures potential employers that an aspiring nurse has received and passed the necessary licensure to practice in the State of New York.

The National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education recognizes an LPN as a degree holder who has completed the coursework and met the standards of the NCLEX-PN (practical nurse) exam. The exam is a nationally recognized benchmark for LPN licensure. Upon successful completion of the exam, an LPN becomes a licensed practical nurse (LPN). If you are considering earning your nursing degree in New York, take the time to research accredited LPN programs nearby.

A quick search of the Internet will display the many online universities, colleges, and other training centers offering online LPN courses and diplomas. Many of these schools will offer a fast-track program that enables you to earn your degree in less than two years. Upon completion of your coursework and the clinical experience, you will be well prepared for gaining entry-level nursing positions in a variety of health care settings. Once you have started on your path to becoming a nurse, then you will know how important it is to find a program that is perfect for you.

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